about us

Created in 2019, car wash at work is a new concept saving you time and money, cleaning your vehicle whilst it’s parked at your place of work.*

Because we’ll be sprucing up your vehicle, whilst you’re hard at work, Car Wash at Work is guaranteed to save you time.

We eliminate the usual queue at your local car wash, and the time you’d spend travelling to and from the car wash destination.

We only employ experienced, professional and trusted technicians to work for us, so you can rest assure that not only will your vehicle be cleaned to perfection in and out; the contents are in safe hands too!

All of our cleaning products are natural, non-abrasive, chemical free and won’t harm the environment; they’re of the highest grades and work exceptionally well, even on the dirtiest of vehicles.

As we can guarantee that the interior cleaning products are allergen free, our products are suitable for child and baby seats.

If that’s not enough, our wash process uses 80% less water than a regular car wash, meaning we’re even better for the environment.

Currently we can only cover the London area within the M25, and can only attend premises where there are a minimum of 10 vehicles to be washed.

Due to our attendance at a minimum of 10 vehicles, we can ensure that our prices are incredibly competitive; we charge far less than the cost of a normal mobile car wash company.

So if you’re interested in saving your valuable time, and like the idea of returning to a clean shiny fresh vehicle after a hard day’s work, get your colleagues on board and contact us!



*Our services are carried out on a 4 weekly basis as standard, but we’re able to amend this to suit our clients.

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